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how to track an iphone without them knowing

How To Track An iPhone Without Them Knowing


Is it possible to track an iPhone without the person knowing? Yes it is! You just need to have an iPhone spy app. Now, what is an iPhone spy app and how does it work? Simply put, it is a software that allows you to secretly monitor and extract information from the target iPhone.

What Do You Need An iPhone Spy App For?

Before you go any further, you need to be honest with yourself about why you need a cell phone spy app. Do you suspect a loved one is cheating? Are you a parent who needs to monitor their kids? Are you an employer who suspects employees may be slacking off? Knowing your reason will help you in deciding what you’re looking for in an iPhone spy software program.

– Spying On A Partner

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, you will want a tracking software that is known for extracting text and private messages, photos, and videos from iPhones. Text messaging is the most popular way for people to discretely communicate with one another. Within these texts, secret lovers may send sexts and NSFW photos and videos to each other. Afterwards, one or both parties may delete the messages to erase the evidence. However, these messages do not just go away, unless they have been overwritten. This process can take months to happen, so an iPhone monitoring app can retrieve these secret messages even if deleted.    

– Monitoring Your Child

Every parent’s worst fear is not knowing where their child is. Kids can get lost, hang out with the wrong crowd, or view content online they are not supposed to. Many times, parents will use cell phone spy software to monitor their kids mobile activities and keep tabs on where they are. On any good cell phone spy app, the GPS tracking feature should allow you to see your child’s location to within 50 feet and have the data reported to your dashboard every 5-10 minutes. Other useful features for parents include social media and web browsing history monitoring.

– Supervising Employees

Many employers have to constantly deal with issues like theft, misconduct, and productivity. In order to hold employees accountable, an iPhone spy app can be utilized. The GPS tracking feature will enable you to tell if an employee working in the field is actually going to all of their meetings and not taking detours. If an employee is having productivity issues, you can view the data collected from their company iPhone to see if they were using it for non-work related activities.


How To Track An iPhone Discreetly

Now that you have figured out what you need to use an iPhone spy application for, let’s go through the steps you need to take to start tracking that iPhone.

Step 1: Choose The Best iPhone Spy App

This step is very important and actually difficult to do. There are many spy apps out there that claim to have the ability to do many great things. But, how do you know who to trust?

To start, you want to make sure they at least offer these services:

    • Text and private message retrieval (even deleted ones).
    • View incoming and outgoing calls in Call Log.
    • Real-Time iPhone GPS Tracking.
    • Social Media Monitoring of popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


In addition to these features, make sure the company that created the app has:

  • A knowledgeable inhouse telephone support team. If it’s a legitimate company, they will have their own employees answering the phone. They should be able to answer any specific questions about the product you throw at them.
  • Ongoing tech support. Using this type of software is usually quite easy. But, if you’re not the most tech-savvy person, you may need some additional product support. Make sure they have both email and phone support, in the event it takes the support team too long to respond via email.  If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks, some companies offer premium support which is definitely worth it!
  • Professional website. Make sure that the website of the company is well made, detailed, and easy to navigate. You should be able to understand the product and its capabilities, as well as see information like a return policy and easy to follow product instructions.  

Vetting the spy app company and viewing the product features is essential when choosing the best iPhone spy app for you. To help you in your process, we have tested and approved PhoneSpector.

Step 2: Install and Use Your iPhone Spy Program

If you choose to use a product like PhoneSpector, you do not need physical possession of the target iPhone in order to monitor the device. You can use the Apple ID and password used on the target iPhone to install the spyware. In the past, Apple devices were impervious to most iPhone spy apps. One needed to jailbreak the iPhone and alter the iOS for it to accept apps not from the App store. However, with PhoneSpector iPhone No-Jailbreak software, you can avoid this issue and install it with ease. Plus, you don’t need to be a tech genius to follow their simple instructions!

Once the software is installed, you will be able to track a wide variety of iPhone activities including:

    • iMessages (even if deleted)
    • Call history
    • Photos/Videos
    • Contacts
    • Location data
    • WhatApp/Facebook/Kik/WeChat messages
    • Notes
    • Calendar appointments
    • Safari web browsing history
    • And more iPhone data!

All of this information can be conveniently viewed from your own cell phone, tablet, or computer.  


FAQs About iPhone Spy Apps and PhoneSpector

What Type of iPhones Can iPhone Spy Apps Be Used On?

It depends on the specific app choose to use. PhoneSpector works on all versions of:

    • iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, X, and 12
    • iPads
    • iOS 7 – iOS 14 (latest)

What Happens If The iPhone’s iOS Updates? Will The Product Still Work?

PhoneSpector allows free lifetime upgrades for customers. This way, they don’t have to worry if the iOS system of the iPhone they are tracking updates, and about paying extra.

Does PhoneSpector Have Any Extra Monthly Fees?

PhoneSpector does not have any extra monthly fees. Once a customer makes the initial purchase, they have option to add-on a Premium Support Package and an Extended Download Warranty. Besides these two options, there will be no surprise fees, unlike other companies.   

Is It Legal To Spy On Someone’s iPhone?

In general, there are two ways to legally use iPhone spy apps:

    1. Parents monitoring their kids’ iPhone.
    2. Employers tracking their employees’ company-owned iPhones, with permission.

However, it is important to check to see if your state has any specific laws regarding phone tracking and monitoring. The laws regarding this might possibly be different in the state you live in.

You Just Learned How To Track An iPhone!

Remember, the first thing to do is to understand your reason for wanting to track an iPhone. Then, you want to purchase the PhoneSpector No-Jailbreak iPhone Spy Software and acquire the Apple ID and password of the iPhone you want to track. Once you do that, just follow the simple instructions to get started and you will be set to start spying on an iPhone.

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