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Screen Time Use: The Harmful Effects & How To Reduce Them

You may have heard about digital screen time use and its numerous effects on your eye and overall health. The truth is blue light from your screen is much less than from the Sun. Evidence shows that large amounts of ultraviolet light such as from the Sun can increase eye diseases like eye growths, cataracts, and cancer.

However, the National Library of Medicine found no UVA OR UVB radiation from computers. The Radiation Program located at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology also mentions that no data shows a health risk from a computer’s electromagnetic fields.

You may still wonder why you may be experiencing various eye discomforts from staring at a screen and what you can do to prevent eye strain.

Everyday Screen Use and Its Impact

You’d be surprised how much time we actually spend on our computers. Believe it or not, it has a great impact on society, especially children’s education. Below are some of the statistics on screen time.

screen time
Source: South Texas Eye Institute


Symptoms Of Too Much Screen Time May Include:

  • Eye tiredness
  • Eye dryness
  • Blurry vision
  • Eye strain
  • Headaches

The reason you may feel tired is because your eyes normally blink about 15 times a minute. People blink a half to a third of what is considered normal when concentrating on screens. These screen time symptoms are more likely to occur among computer professionals and children who are using computers and gadgets for school.

Consider the Following Eye Ergonomic Strategies To Help With Screen Time Symptoms:


screen time
Source: South Texas Eye Institute


If your symptoms persist after you try the above strategies, please consult your doctor.

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Overall, studies show that prolonged exposure to blue light from the sun can cause eye damage, but no scientific evidence shows that blue light from digital devices may cause damage to your eye.

However, eyestrain and dry eye can be signs that you are looking at your screen for too long. Discomfort from prolonged screen viewing is most likely due to digital eye strain. The easiest way to track your own or a loved one’s screen time use is by using a monitoring software. By reducing your screen time use, the symptoms associated with it should lessen.

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