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Highster Mobile Review – Top Text Message Spy

Why Should I Buy Highster Mobile Cell Phone Monitoring Software?

Welcome to my Highster Mobile Review. Highster Mobile is a powerful text message spy that is inexpensive, easy to install, user-friendly and is compatible with all Android and Apple devices. It has many outstanding features, like the ability to spy on text messages and closely examine all call logs, photos, and videos on a target phone. Highster Mobile also offers an array of features for anyone interested in cell phone spy software, like the ability to track social media activity, stealth camera view, GPS locator, remote lock, remote uninstall, and much more.

Why would anyone need this software? In this dangerous digital world, cell phone monitoring software can help you keep your child safe; it can prevent a company data breach by backing up sensitive data, and it even lets you keep tabs on employees who are working off-site. Why is the current technological environment considered a “dangerous” digital era? If you’re a parent, how many times did you wish you could check on your child to make sure s/he’s safe? If you’re a business owner, how many times did you want to confirm your employees’ whereabouts and ensure not only their productivity but their safety? Highster Mobile allows you to do all this and more. Technology moves at the speed of light and only gets faster and faster. Having the control over a target phone can give you the peace of mind you need.

It also permits you to monitor across different devices. Do you need to follow a target phone from your tablet when you’re in a cafe? Now you can. What about the days you only have your cell phone? You can view a target phone at the beach! What about the times you need to view activity on a bigger screen, like your desktop? Also available. Being able to monitor across devices gives you the freedom to keep tabs at home, on the road, and basically anywhere.

How Does It Work?

Cell phone monitoring might seem complicated, but it’s not. In fact, Highster Mobile is so extremely user-friendly that even individuals who are not as technologically savvy as others will still be able to handle a very simple process of download, install and monitor. That’s really all that’s involved in getting the application on the target phone.

Once installed, you’ll be able to spy on text messages (deleted messages as well as new), view all call logs, see a GPS locator, and much more. All these great features can be accessed by Highster Mobile and displayed on your cell phone, tablet or computer. And all you need is an internet connection (obviously WiFi connection works fine) or cellular service and you’ll be able to view information from your target phone everywhere, anytime.

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spy text messages

What Devices Is Highster Mobile Compatible With?

Highster Mobile will continue to work on a number of mobile devices on the two most popular platforms: Android and Apple. And within both of these platforms, you will see a target phone with a variety of devices: an iPhone, an iPad, or even an Android phone. Highster Mobile has you covered.

Android Compatibility: Highster Mobile is compatible with all Android devices and will continue to work with all cell providers in all of the countries.

Supported Android Devices: All Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Huawei, Tracfones, StraightTalk, Sanyo, Sony and even more!

Apple Compatibility: Highster Mobile is compatible with all supported Apple mobile phones and works with all cell providers to all countries.

Supported Apple devices: iPhone 11, X (all), 8, 7, 6, and 5 iPad (all versions). All machines are supported in ALL countries.

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Highster Mobile Features?

Take a look at some of Highster Mobile’s amazing features below. You’ll never find a better application to serve your requirements. For example, what if you’re monitoring your child’s phone and you discover some risque chat conversations with a stranger? Did you know that with Highster Mobile you can immediately lock a target phone? That would put a quick end to those unsavory chats! Did you know that you can spy on text messages, even the deleted ones? Highster Mobile lets you recover all text messages. What if you suddenly discover strange people in your teen’s contact list? Having a cell phone monitoring software allows you to open the doors to the conversation of who those strangers are. Your child will know that you’re not in the dark. What steps will s/he take next? Now you’re aware. Sometimes great parenting begins with self-awareness and not burying your head in the sand. By having the knowledge upfront, you can then make a plan about what to do next.

  • Call log. Record and view all call details.
  • Text message log. Spy on text messages sent and received.
  • GPS logs. Fetch all GPS locations details.
  • Email log. View all sent and received emails.
  • Browser history logs. Browsing details of visited websites.
  • Photos log. See all photos viewed and taken on the phone.
  • Videos log. See all videos viewed and taken on the phone.
  • View all text, voice, and images.
  • Contact detail log. View all phone contacts.
  • Device diagnostics. Monitor device health and status.
  • Continuous tracking. Periodic uploading of data.
  • Mobile monitoring. Monitor target phone from your mobile device.
  • Facebook logs. Track Facebook activities.
  • Skype logs. Track Skype activities.
  • Instagram logs. Track Instagram activities.
  • Remote uninstall. Uninstall tracking remotely.
  • Stealth camera. Track user remotely.
  • Live control panel.Login in from any mobile device or computer.
  • Lock target phone.Lock target phone remotely.
  • Notes. Monitor all user notes activities.
  • Calendar. Monitor all user calendar activities.
  • Track WeChat activities.
  • Track LineChat activities.
  • Track Twitter activities.

Once again, this is an excellent software for parents who wish to monitor their children and their social media activity, and it’s the perfect tool for almost any boss planning to keep track of employees who use company devices. Highster Mobile is the best mobile phone spy currently available – for any person needing to monitor someone else’s phone.

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