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How To Get A Background Check On Yourself


Sometime in your life, someone will run a background check on you. Likely, that person is trying to learn more about you, and make sure you’re who you say you are. If you believe someone may search your background, beat them to the punch by looking yourself up! Below, we’ll describe how to get a background check on yourself, along with some reasons for doing so.

Reasons To Run A Personal Background Search

#1 – You’re Looking To Rent or Buy A Place

When you’re on the hunt for a new place to rent or purchase, often, the landlord or current homeowner will run background check on you. This is usually done to check your financial, credit, and criminal history. For example, a landlord may want to look up your rental payment history to see if you’re a reliable tenant. So, before they run a check on you, search yourself to see if there’s any damaging information that might impact your chances at getting a place.

#2 – You’re Job Hunting

Employers will most definitely run an employee background check on you to make sure your educational and work credentials are accurate. They also may call any references you list on your resume as well. By doing a background search on yourself, you can see if the college you went to, your past employers, and other work and educational information is correct.

#3 – To Make Sure Your Personal Information Is Accurate

Often, background sites have inaccurate and missing information about a person. By searching yourself on a popular background check site, you can see if your personal information is accurate and if there’s any crucial data missing. If you do see any discrepancies, you can report them to the search service.

How To Get A Background Check On Yourself

  • Step 1: Choose A Background Search Site

First, you’ll need to decide which is the best background check online service for you. There are multiple factors to consider, including the information you’re seeking to obtain, service reviews, and price. From our own testing, one service that is highly reliable, accurate, and affordable is Kiwi Searches.

  • Step 2: Search Your Name

Once you’ve chosen the site you’ll be using, you will need  to enter and search your name. To do a person search on Kiwi Searches, click here or fill out the box below.

person search

  • Step 3: Wait For Your Results

Most background check services get their data from their personal databases and public directories. They’ll search these to find the most information they can about you.

  • Step 4: View Your Report

Once your results come back and you purchase your report, you can view the information found. What could be included in your report includes your full name, current and past addresses, financial, criminal, work, and education history, and much more.


In the event you need to search yourself online, you now know how to get a background check on yourself. It’s good to be informed about what others could learn about you from doing a simple search.  

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