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how to block porn on android

How To Block Porn On Your Child’s Android Device

Among the advantages of technology is having easy access to all kinds of information via the internet from any device. Unfortunately, that very same easy access is also one of the downsides of technology use. Kids can easily access porn sites and other inappropriate content with a simple search. 

It, therefore, goes without saying, that parents must closely monitor their kid’s screen time and regularly check on their online searches and activities. Porn is, unfortunately, all over the internet and is something that can’t easily get rid of. Therefore, the next best thing parents could do is to prevent their kids from accessing sites that contain porn or other explicit content. 


Protect Your Child & Block Adult Content On Android 

Porn can be addictive and lead to serious problems later on. It is also not appropriate for children to view. Thankfully, there are several ways to block porn on your child’s Android devices.


An effective way to block porn on an Android phone is by using OpenDNS. When a device connects to the internet, it uses the DNS server of your internet provider, also known as the Internet Service Provider or ISP. By replacing your provider’s DNS setting with an OPenDNS, all inappropriate and harmful material will be blocked before it reaches the device.

OpenDNS blocks pornographic content including those that are categorized as Pornography, Tasteless, or Sexuality. This would also effectively block other inappropriate content you’d want to block like mature content, violence, weapons, and the like. 

Here are the OpenDNS Family Shield DNS IP Addresses:


Google Safe Search & Google Play Restrictions

Enabling Google Safe Search and imposing Google Play Restrictions could help prevent your kids from accessing any pornographic or inappropriate content. 

The Google Safe Search adds a great layer of protection against malicious content by blocking inappropriate images and photos from Google Search. It is also fairly easy to set up on your child android device. 

    • First, make sure that Google is the default search engine on whichever browsers your kid uses. 
    • To enable Safe Search, open the Google app, tap on the gear icon, scroll down and tap on Search Settings
    • After that, tap “Filter explicit results” under Safe Search filters. 
    • Make sure to regularly check the Google app to ensure that the Safe Search has not been turned off.

Turning on the restrictions on Google Play on your child’s Android device would prevent them from downloading any apps, games, and the like that are not appropriate for their age. 

    • Go to the Google Play Store app on your child’s device and tap on the menu sign on the upper left corner of the Play Store home screen.  
    • Choose Settings from the window that will open then choose Parental Controls
    • Once you’re on the Parental Controls screen, you must turn the feature on which would prompt it to offer you to create a PIN as well as block the contents which you do not want your child to access. 
    • You can then set restrictions based on the age rates per category. 

Use A Kid Safe Browser

A safe browser is an alternative to the usual browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Safe browsers do basically the same things as your usual browsers but they have already blocked a great majority of adult sites and content. Such browsers also ensure that your kids would only be able to download safe content. 

Parental Control App

Now, if your kids find their way around the previous precautions, you could make use of an Android parental control app like the Google Family Link. Kids, especially older ones, may eventually find out how to uninstall the safe browser or even change back the OpenDNS settings to the original settings. A parental control app would be a great back-up. 

There are several reliable and affordable phone monitoring apps available on the market. Such apps allow you to track your kid’s online activities on their Android phone. They often allow you to track their location, web browsing history, messages, photos, videos, social media messages, and more. Phone monitoring apps are fairly easy to download and use since the provider offers step-by-step instructions. 

Raising a child is indeed a big responsibility that is openly made harder by online threats, dangers, and inappropriate content. Pornography is something that could lead to the child to suffer certain problems later in life. As parents, make sure to take any necessary precautions to keep your child safe as they use technology and their Android phone.

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