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The Best Apps For Spying WhatsApp On Android In 2022

Are your children using WhatsApp to message friends and strangers? Are your employees using third-party apps to communicate with customers? 

WhatsApp is a free messaging cross-platform that can be accessed on any Android or iPhone device. This third-party communication platform allows users to send/receive text and voice messages, initiate/answer audio and video calls, create/join groups and communities, and more. Like most social apps, however, its popularity is the same reason why most cybercriminals target this. WhatsApp spy apps for Android provide real-time and hassle-free tracking that can greatly help ensure child safety and employee productivity. We’ll be sharing with you the best WhatsApp spy Android apps and tips on how to choose the right one.


When Might You Need To Use Android Spy Apps To Track WhatsApp?

A WhatsApp spy app for Android is an overall great tool in keeping track of someone’s digital life. There are free and paid WhatsApp Android spy apps on the market. The best apps for spying on WhatsApp on Android is most useful to the following:

As Parents

WhatsApp is one of the more famous messaging apps among the younger generation. This free application allows them to send and receive messages on their phone from virtually anyone. This could, unfortunately, also mean that anyone, even online predators, could freely send your child a message.

A WhatsApp Android spy software will allow you to keep track of your kid’s online and other phone activities. This includes messages and contacts on various messaging apps installed on their Android device.

As Employers

If you are a business owner who provides company mobile devices to their employees, paid or free Android spy WhatsApp apps are a great tool. However, make sure to properly notify your employees about it.

Monitoring apps will allow you to track messages received and sent through the phone and let you flag any compromised business data. A mobile monitoring and tracking device would also ensure proper use of company property and company time.


What WhatsApp Information Can Be Found Using Spy Apps?

There are several free and paid monitoring apps for Android available on the market. With this, it could be difficult to choose the best option for you. First off, a free application may have limited features as compared to a WhatsApp spy app for Android phone that has a subscription fee.  WhatsApp spy apps for Android, at least the best ones, can track more than just WhatsApp activities. It can provide the following information:

    • Text messages
    • Contacts
    • Group chats
    • Phone call logs
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Audio messages
    • Documents
    • Files
    • Email and other messaging app messages
    • Browser History
    • GPS Location


How To Start Using A WhatsApp Spy App on Android

Spy WhatsApp Android software lets you track WhatsApp messages and other activities on the app. Free apps may allow access to basic messages and the like, but paid apps will grant access to data from installed apps on the target Android phone. 

Monitoring and spy software, free or paid, may have different installation processes. They may also have different requirements including payment and access to the target device. All in all, the installation process would normally take a few minutes following three simple steps.

Step 1: Download

Create an account and make a software subscription payment. Download the file names and/or OTA (over-the-air) links on the vendor’s legitimate website.

Step 2: Activate

You will receive the installation and activation instructions, and product license key via email. Access to the target device may be necessary to properly install the software.

Step 3: Monitor

Start monitoring the target device, from various online engagements to different phone activities. Access reports via your account from the comfort of your own devices.


5 Best Android Spy Apps For Tracking WhatsApp Chat and Calls

Are you and your loved ones using third-party apps like WhatsApp to send messages? Are you concerned about the rise of malicious software hacking on such phone apps? Considering installing Android apps that offer hassle-free tracking of messages?

We, at safeguarde.com, have initiated a hunt for the best spy Android WhatsApp software. We’ve taken into consideration several factors to ensure only reliable and efficient apps to track messages are recommended. These WhatsApp spy Android applications are reasonably priced and all packages come with free lifetime upgrades.

Auto Forward

Like most tracking apps, this spy software doesn’t require physical access to the target phone to download and install. Auto Forward can instantly access all messages and activities from third-party apps like WhatsApp. 

Highster Mobile

This phone spy application offers various features any user will find useful. Highster Mobile offers free lifetime upgrades and access to customer support. It can monitor all activities within the target Android device, including conversations and files exchanged within messaging apps.

DDI Utilities

This software is downloadable using an OTA (over-the-air) link so it features remote installation and access. DDI Utilities can not only track WhatsApp current interactions, but also retrieve messages and multimedia files that could have been otherwise lost or damaged.


This phone spy application offers real-time and hassle-free monitoring. PhoneSpector utilizes cutting-edge technology and is designed to work well with any Android device or version. It records all sent and received chats and files, including those that have been deleted.

Easy Spy

Like most tracking apps, this software comes with an easy-to-access and navigate dashboard. Easy Spy uses streamlined algorithms to download and upload WhatsApp activities from the target device to your online account. It lets you view exact copies of messages, complete lists of contacts, accurate logs of calls, and more.

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