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Spy SMS on Android: 2022’s 5 Tracking Apps You Can Trust

Are you always concerned about whom your kids are exchanging text messages with? Have you been worried about your employees sending non-business-related texts during work hours? 

SMS spy apps for Android can end this unnecessary worrying. A reliable spy app gives you real-time access to the target Android phone’s sent, received, and deleted text messages. Even the best free SMS spy app for Android can offer hassle-free monitoring.

However, should you need to spy on phone activities other than exchanged text messages, choose an SMS spy app Android from our list below. With these apps, you can rest assured that your loved ones won’t be exposed to malicious texts or fall victims to SMS-based phishing. These phone monitoring apps also come with parental controls, safety tools, and lifetime upgrades.


How Tracking SMS Using Android Spy Apps Can Be Useful For You?

Would a free SMS spy app for android suffice or would it be better to get a paid version? Do you even really need a Spy SMS on Android software, whether it is free or paid?

You could opt for free or paid ones, that depends on your purpose and budget. Whichever you choose, SMS spy android software could certainly help to clear things up, keep certain threats at bay and give you some peace of mind.

We’ve prepared a list of the best SMS spy android applications available on the market to help you decide which one to get. Before we go into detail about the 5 Best Spy App to track messages, here are some instances where you might need to track text messages on someone’s phone.

    • Is your child spending too much on their phone sending text messages?

Kids communicate with each other either through social media platforms or text messages. So it’s only normal that your kid is constantly sending and receiving texts. If, however, your child suddenly gets too secretive or behaving out of character, then their text messages might provide a clue as to the reason for their behavioral change as well as on who they are exchanging messages with.

    • Do you own a business and provide company phones to your employees?

A text message spy app is a great way to keep track of messages and make sure that no inappropriate or compromising messages are exchanged through the company’s mobile phone.


How To Choose A Spy App To Track Messages On An Android Phone

Would you just get the first software that pops up while searching? Do you purchase the most expensive spy SMS android or settle for the cheapest or the free app?

First off, make a list of what you want to accomplish with spy software and your budget. Don’t just go ahead and spend your hard-earned money, do some research first. Don’t settle for less and don’t pay too much for something mediocre at best.

Here are some considerations that could help you pick the most suitable software for you.

    1. The software must be compatible with the target Android phone.
    2. It runs on stealth mode for hassle-free monitoring of text messages and more.
    3. Convenient tracking of texts and other data through streamlined monitoring reports.
    4. Includes various useful features.
    5. It has great customer feedback. Not only regarding the software, but also the customer service of the vendor.


On Which Devices Can Spy Apps For Tracking SMS Be Installed On?

Whether you are looking for a paid or free SMS spy app for android, one of the most important considerations is its compatibility with the target Android device. The best spy software would allow you access to more than the text messages sent and text messages received. Some android SMS spy software offers free trials.

For more hassle-free decision-making, here’s a list of devices that support text message spy apps. Also, in most cases, all Android versions from Android 3 (Honeycomb) to Android 10 are supported.

    • Samsung (all)
    • Google Pixel
    • LG (all)
    • HTC (all)
    • Motorola Devices
    • Huawei Devices
    • Motorola Devices


Instructions For Installing A Spy App On Android Phone

Do you want to find a way to install SMS spy android without access to the target phone? Maybe you’re looking for a convenient way to spy on someone’s text messages via spy SMS android free or paid? Are you looking for text message spy software that guarantees hassle-free installation and hassle-free monitoring?

The installation process varies depending on the text spy software of your choice. You can use most spy software in just three easy steps.

Step 1: Download the Software

This first step may include one or a combination of the following: creating an account on the software’s website, paying the subscription fee, downloading the software via an OTA (over-the-air) link.

Step 2: Activate the Software

Once the download is completed. You can initiate the activation process by following the step-by-step instructions and the license/activation key that will usually be sent through email.

Step 3: Monitor Using the Software

You can now start monitoring text messages and other activities on the target device. You can usually view this information through your personal dashboard or control panel.


5 Best Spy Apps For Tracking Messages On Android

Our digital experts here, at safeguarde.com, searched for the most reliable paid/free SMS spy app for Android. Taking into consideration multiple factors, we’re able to gradually trim down hundreds of text message tracking apps into the best 5. All these tools that can spy texts on the target phone offer root-free and remote installation.

Also, the 5 best spy apps to track messages we’ve identified can access even long-since deleted text messages. Each of these apps is designed to work well with all Android phones and versions. Start your text message monitoring journey by selecting and downloading one from the below best SMS spy apps for Android.

Auto Forward

At a reasonably affordable price, you can enjoy the various features of the Auto Forward spy app, including the simultaneous recording of SMS texts. This is one of the best overall tools that offer absolute freedom in remotely accessing the target phone. It lets you view the exact copy of every message that has been sent or received.

Highster Mobile

With over 8 years in the industry, rest assured that Highster Mobile has mastered all factors involved in cell phone monitoring. This Android-compatible spy app has hundreds of thousands of downloads. One of its widely used features is SMS recording. This records all exchanged messages within the target phone, even if the conversations are deleted.

DDI Utilities

Using only an over-the-air (OTA) link, you can install the DDI Utilities app on the target Android phone without having it in your possession. With no monthly fees and free lifetime upgrades, this app provides great value for your money. The app can backup and recover text messages that could otherwise be lost or inaccessible.


Programmed to work automatically and remotely, the PhoneSpector Android monitoring tool would best suit the needs of “busy” users. It lets you see all text messages, showing their full content and complete details. It even allows you to read and acquire copies of deleted texts.

Easy Spy

With multi-layered algorithms and a straightforward interface, Easy Spy has done a great job in balancing aesthetics and functionality. This text recording app provides hassle-free monitoring as it’s easy to access and easy to navigate. Every sent, received, and deleted text is displayed on your personal dashboard.

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