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The Best Spy Apps For LINE Messenger On Android In 2022

Are you wondering about whom your kids are communicating with on LINE Messenger? Are you worried your employees might be using company-issued devices and tools on non-work-related stuff? 

LINE is a free cross-platform messaging application that can be accessed from Android, iPhone, or any internet-enabled device. Aside from instant messaging, it offers various other features like video calling, photo sharing, and community building. Like most phone apps, LINE is susceptible to online dangers, including hacking, phishing, and social engineering.

By using spy apps, you’ll have real-time and remote monitoring access. Making it easier to identify and address any potential issues. All without having the target phone in your possession. LINE app spy software helps users to monitor and spy on app and phone activities. For a hassle-free tracking experience, here are the 5 best LINE spy apps you can trust.


What Information Can You Find Out From LINE Using Android Spy Apps?

Are you looking for the perfect spy and tracking apps for Android? Do you need accurate data from a target device’s LINE and other messenger apps? Well then look no further. We’ve prepared a list of the Best Apps LINE Messenger on Android 2021. Making tracking chats and calls easier for you.

The spy tools and applications that made it on our list were selected based on several factors. Such as usability, device compatibility, ease of access and installation, the accuracy of monitoring reports, subscription fees, customer support, and various reviews.

Android phone monitoring apps are the perfect tools to spy LINE and monitor the following:

    1. Messages
    2. Contacts
    3. Call Logs
    4. Photos and Videos

You can also keep track of the following online and phone data and activities:

    • Phone contacts
    • Messages
    • Photos and other Multimedia files
    • Emails
    • Browser history
    • Other Social Media and Messenger Apps


Why Would You Need To Track Line Messenger On Android Using Spy Apps?

Are you still unsure about purchasing a LINE spy app to keep track of the target device? Or are you undecided between LINE Messenger spy tool free software and paid spy software?

Whether you should choose a free spy tool or pay for one would depend on your purpose for getting one. While free software might still allow you to keep tabs on the target device, the data you obtain may be limited. For more in-depth monitoring reports, purchase a paid but reliable tracking application:

Family Tracking

Your kids and even your partner could be engaging with possibly dangerous strangers on LINE or other messaging apps. Tracking software is a great tool to ensure your family’s safety.

Employee Tracking

Your employees could be sharing sensitive data online that could jeopardize your business. Keep tabs on company-owned devices and prevent data and security compromise.


5 Best Android Spy Apps For Tracking Line Messenger In 2022

Do you need a reliable tracking application that can spy even third-party phone messenger apps? Do you need device tracking apps that are compatible with all Android devices?

We, at safeguarde.com, took the initiative to scour the market and search for the most trusted Android monitoring apps. Taking into consideration several factors, we thoroughly review each application and tool we encounter. After a series of researches and inspections, here the 5 best apps that can remotely spy LINE Messenger.

Auto Forward

This phone monitoring application enables you to spy on your target device without having it in your possession. It can access activities within messaging apps like LINE, including conversations, contacts, call logs, and more.

Highster Mobile

This LINE tracking tool works well with any Android device. Like most spy apps, this utilizes an over-the-air (OTA) link to provide remote access to the phone being monitored.

DDI Utilities

This spy application silently uploads phone activities into your online account. It can access incoming and outgoing messages; it can retrieve exchanged files within LINE Messenger, including deleted ones.


This Android tracking tool records activity logs within LINE. It lets you read all sent/received messages, see incoming/outgoing calls, and view stored/deleted multimedia files. It also shows all contacts and user profiles.

Easy Spy

This LINE Messenger tracking application remotely monitors each interaction and engagement. It offers real-time spying and monitoring; it displays exact copies of acquired information in an easy-to-use online dashboard.

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