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The Best Instagram Spy Apps On Android In 2022

Have you always been worried your kids might be targeted by cybercriminals on the social media apps they use? Concerned about your employees sticking to work-related stuff on their company-provided devices? Do you think your kids or employees might be exposing confidential information on their Android devices?

Like most social networking apps, Instagram is susceptible to cyber threats. Millions of Android and iPhone users utilize Instagram since it offers an all-in-one communication platform. From sharing photos to sending direct messages. Its popularity, however, is the same reason why most cybercriminals use Instagram for phishing, social engineering, malware hacking, catfishing, and other schemes.

This is where Android monitoring software that can spy on Instagram messages or spy on private Instagram accounts comes in handy. These Instagram spy apps provide real-time and remote spying access, providing safer and more secure Instagram use.


Reasons To Use Spy Apps For Tracking Instagram On Android

Are your kids constantly on their Android cell phones scrolling through social media apps like Instagram? Has your attention been called to inappropriate photos or posts made by your employees?

This review by Safeguarde.com considered several factors like features, customer support, and price, to come up with a list of the Best Instagram Spy Apps on Android 2021. These spy apps for Android are the perfect tools for the following:

Digital Parenting

Electronic devices like Android phones have essentially become an extension of most people, and your kids are certainly not an exception. They most likely have accounts on popular social media sites like Instagram. These sites have become the scene for most social interactions nowadays. Keep track of your kid’s digital life with the help of monitoring applications.

Employee Monitoring

Many companies provide Android devices and other gadgets to their employees. This is especially true for those that require travel or rely greatly on digital marketing. Make sure your employees are using these devices properly and posting only appropriate stuff online through Android spy apps.


Instructions For Installing Spy Apps An Android To Track Instagram

Are you worried that an Instagram spy tool for Android might be too technical or complex for you? Maybe you’re thinking that Instagram private spy apps would be too much of a hassle to install just to check for Instagram messages?

Well, monitoring apps are indeed technical; however, don’t worry about technical complexities since vendors pretty much take care of that side of things. The installation process may be slightly different from app to app, but it usually encompasses three easy steps.

    • Download Monitoring Apps for Android

First, you may be asked to create an account and pay for a subscription before downloading the software. Downloading is typically done via an OTA (over-the-air) link.

    • Install and Activate on Target Android Device

Depending on the chosen app, you may be required to have access to the target Android device during this step. Either way, you will be provided clear instructions along with the activation code to complete the installation process.

    • Start Using The Instagram Spy Tool

Through your account, you can now monitor posts, messages, contacts and so much more from the target device.


What Data From Instagram Can Android Spy Apps Retrieve? 

Are you trying to justify using Instagram message monitoring apps for Android? Still think that using Instagram spy apps for Android is a bit overboard? Well, if you care about your loved ones and want to stop worrying and losing sleep over their messages, it’s best to go ahead and get that monitoring tool. With it, you’ll be able to track the following information:

    • User Profile
    • Contacts
    • Direct Messages
    • Photos and Videos
    • Stories
    • Followers
    • Groups
    • Post Reacts and Comments
    • Video Call Logs


5 Android Spy Apps For Tracking Instagram Data

Searching for spy apps that work well with any Android device? Are you looking for Android apps that can spy on someone’s Instagram activities and messages?

Our digital specialists here, at safeguarde.com, are tirelessly searching the market for the newest Android devices and apps. For this article, we focused on determining the most reliable Instagram spy tools. Taking into consideration various factors, we thoroughly inspected each Instagram monitoring tool we’ve encountered. After a series of reviews and in-depth research, here are the best apps that can remotely monitor Instagram messages, posts, and other activities.

Auto Forward

This spy software can monitor third-party apps, including private Instagram accounts, without having physical access to the target device. You can view all posts, stories, users, comments, and more.

Highster Mobile

This Android monitoring tool provides real-time access to all engagements within Instagram. Highster Mobile enables users to read all sent/received messages and see all shared posts, even those that have been deleted.

DDI Utilities

This software can spy on an Instagram account without being detected. DDI Utilities silently extracts and uploads information while in stealth mode. It can also retrieve any lost or damaged data.


This monitoring tool is compatible with all Android devices. PhoneSpectorfeeds exact copies of Instagram messages, comments, posts, and stories. All packages offered can be purchased for a one-time payment only.

Easy Spy

Like most spy apps, this tracking tool uses an over-the-air (OTA) link that enables users to remotely access the target Instagram account. Acquired data can be viewed from your personal dashboard which is super easy to navigate.


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