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5 Best Spy Apps For GPS Location Tracking On Android

Are you a parent who often wonders where your child hangs out? Maybe you’re an employer questioning your field employees’ productivity? 

Through a spy app’s phone location tracker feature, you will no longer be left in the dark. These cell phone applications provide remote and real-time access to the owner’s current and previous locations. With the help of these location spy apps, rest assured that your kids or employees are where they’re supposed to be. A mobile tracker free of charge can also feed you a phone’s location information, but you shouldn’t expect 100% accuracy.

All the spy GPS tracker Android we’ll be sharing with you today requires a one-time, reasonable fee. But you’re guaranteed great value for your money. All these spy apps are compatible with all Android versions and offer various features other than location tracking. So, read on and select the best spy tracking app for Android that’ll suit your needs.


When Can A Hidden GPS Location Spy App Can Be Helpful?

Are you looking for a convenient spy app to track a target phone’s GPS location? Do you want the best spy GPS tracker for Android? Well, we’ve compiled the 5 best Spy Apps with GPS location on Android that are currently available on the market. Before we get into that though, let us first go through some factors and considerations that will help lead you to choose the best-suited GPS location tracker for you.

If you still happen to question whether or not to get a mobile phone tracker, here are a couple of situations where a spy app for Android phones could be of great help.

Tracking A Loved One’s GPS Location

A spy app allows you to know where each of your loved ones are at any given time. This will make it easier to get in touch with them or reach them in case of emergencies. It will also allow you to track the Android phone in case of loss. Some Android phone tracking spy software also has a Geofencing feature that would alert you when a loved one crosses the set boundary.

Tracking Your Employees’ GPS Location

A spy GPS tracker android software lets you track a company device issued to employees in the field or used by employees while traveling. This will allow you to verify their current location is where they should be. Helping ensure proper company phone use and employee productivity. 


How To Choose An Android Spy App For Tracking GPS Location in 2022

Do you find yourself in need of tracking the GPS location of a particular phone? Do you want to get an Android GPS tracker spy software but don’t know where to start? 

Getting spy app software is easy to do as there are several phone location spy apps available on the market. Deciding which one to get, however, requires some thought and a list of considerations. Especially if you are looking to purchase a spy app.

The best software is the one that meets all of your needs. Why are you getting one in the first place? Here are some considerations you might want to consider before going ahead with that GPS spy tracker for android download.

    1. The spy app must be compatible with the target phone.
    2. It must give accurate and real-time GPS location reports.
    3. It must run in stealth mode and support other features that allow you to keep track of the target device.
    4. It offers great Customer Service even, or especially, after purchase.
    5. It has a high rating and great reviews.
    6. Other cell phone activities that can be tracked including web browsing history, phone call logs, text messages, and more. 


How To Set Up Android Spy Apps

Once you’ve chosen the best spy GPS tracker for android software for your needs, you can now initiate the installation process. The process may vary depending on the software but will usually include the following steps:

Step 1: Download

Most software can be downloaded via OTA (over-the-air) links. Remember to initiate the process only on the legitimate website of the vendor.

Step 2: Activate

Once payment is settled, you will receive step-by-step instructions along with the license key which is needed to activate the software. Keep in mind that you might need access to the target phone for a few minutes to fully install the software.

Step 3: Track

You can now start tracking the location of the target Android phone. Real-time and accurate results may be accessed through an online portal.


Top 5 Android Spy Apps For Tracking GPS Location

Have you always wanted to install a GPS location tracker, but are not sure which one to try? Do you consider downloading a cell phone spy app, but don’t know how? If so, then this GPS cell phone tracker spy Android review is for you.

We, at safeguarde.com, are taking the initiative in monitoring the market for the latest mobile phones and newest mobile apps. For this review, we specifically looked for the best phone tracker app without permission or physical access to the target Android phone. These spy apps we’ll be sharing with you automatically feed GPS locations, including saved or deleted location logs into your online dashboard or remote access app.

Auto Forward

This location tracker can be downloaded and used without having the target phone in your possession. This works with the latest Android phones and tablets. This app can track target locations and display all acquired data in a Google Maps format.

Highster Mobile

This GPS location spy software is the ultimate way to keep your children safe and your employees productive. This silently and continuously tracks devices; regularly uploading GPS positions on a Google Map.

DDI Utilities

This Android tracker app is designed to dig deep into the target phone to extract data. All extracted details are quickly delivered to the cloud-based control panel without being detected. This can efficiently retrieve all location logs, even those that have already been deleted.


This phone spy app doesn’t require monthly fees; its one-time payment comes with free lifetime upgrades and access to customer support. All their offered packages can access current GPS locations, but should you also need its geo-fencing feature, you must opt for the Pro version.

Easy Spy

This Android app is easy to download, easy to access, and easy to navigate. Its location tracker feature is updated every two to five minutes, providing precise location information of the target phone. It then displays the accessed information in map form or a comprehensible report.

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