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How to Clone a Phone and Protect Data


Phone cloning can pertain to the copying of the data of another cell phone to another. It can also refer to the copying of another phone’s identity or to both. While cloning modern phones is certainly more difficult now, it is not entirely impossible. There are several ways on how to clone a phone and we’ll discuss a number of …

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How to Hack Facebook and Track Your Child’s Social Media Activities


Even as various social networking sites enter the picture, Facebook remains one of the most widely-used social media apps. This is also why Facebook along with Facebook Messenger is often eyed by hackers. To avoid falling victim to hackers, you can start by learning how to hack Facebook so you can take the necessary precautions or countermeasures. In the same …

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How to Avoid Getting Scammed on Venmo


Venmo is a peer-to-peer payment app that allows you to pay as well as receive money from family and friends. Is Venmo safe? As convenient as Venmo is, using it does come with certain risks. The biggest risk, of course, is falling victim to various Venmo scammers and hackers. Read on to learn about some common Venmo scams as well …

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Beware of Verification Phishing Scams on Social Media


Almost anyone owns or uses at least one active social media account; hence, students and entrepreneurs alike could easily fall victim to Facebook Marketplace scams. There’s no denying that social networking platforms benefit users in one way or another. For instance, these sites have become efficient means of communication. Some social media apps have even opened limitless opportunities to workers …

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How To Unlock An iPhone Without The Passcode

How To Unlock An iPhone Without The Passcode

Do you know how to unlock an iPhone without a passcode? The obvious answer, of course, is to use Face ID. Anyone who owns an iPhone can attest to how big of a help Face ID has been, especially when it comes to unlocking the device. It eradicates the need to input a passcode into an iPhone, which lets you …

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Save More With These Shopping Deal Apps!

shopping deal apps safeguarde

There are dozens of discount shopping apps out there, and for a good reason. We’re all looking for ways to find great deals on everyday items. Why would anybody want to pay the total price for groceries when there are apps that can help them find a discount? Next time you go grocery shopping, try out some of the best …

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Facebook: What Will Its New Name Be?

It was revealed yesterday by The Verge that Facebook will be rebranding its company. Before we continue, this refers to the Facebook company, not the social media platform itself. This rebranding move is to help the company’s long-term goal of creating the “Metaverse”, an idea posed by Mark Zuckerberg. In Facebook’s recent blog post, he described this as: “The metaverse …

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The Ultimate Guide To Cell Phone Security In 2022

cell phone security

There’s no denying cell phones have become significant tools, helping people through their day-to-day errands. These gadgets are useful, not only in peoples’ personal lives and relationships but also for tasks and school work. In this modern age, iPhones and Android phones are necessities. With 5.19 billion users, these devices have also become hot targets of cybercriminals.  When released to …

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Protect Your Business From Online Threats With The Turbo Spy App

protect your business with turbospy monitoring software

  Technology has become a great tool in building, expanding, and sustaining a business. It is a valuable tool in running a business from administrative tasks, planning, production, marketing, and everything in between. The downside is that some people also make use of technology for their malicious activities. Such cyber-attacks are among the most prominent business threats that business owners …

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How To Block Restricted Calls On Android And iPhone

Restricted Call Problem

While technically considered to be personally identifiable information, it’s surprising how easily individuals or businesses can acquire your phone number and call you anytime. They may even intentionally hide their caller ID or change their area code to lure you into picking up. It can be a bit challenging to trace the real number or find out who the owner …

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