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The Top 3 Instagram Spy Apps For iPhone and Android


Instagram is one of the leading social media apps used today. About 1 billion people per month use the social media platform. That’s about an eighth of the people on Earth! With that being said, you likely have a loved one who uses it and worry every so often about what they’re doing on the app. But, what if there was a way to secretly view their Instagram activity? Well, there is, by using an Instagram spy app.

What Are Instagram Spy Apps?

An Instagram spy app can be used to monitor and track someone’s Instagram activities. Anyone could remotely access another person’s Instagram account with them knowing. With the social media app mainly being used by young children, parents are more likely to use these spy apps to keep an eye on their child. This is done to protect them from online predators, sex offenders, and cyberbullies.

These Instagram monitoring apps can be used on the latest Android and iPhone devices. When installing a spy app on the target phone, there’s no hassle or complicated steps.

The compatible devices of most Instagram spy apps includes:

    • Android
      • Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Google Pixel, LG, and Huawei smartphones.
      • Android 3 (Honeycomb) – Android 11
    • iPhone
      • iPhone 5 – 13 (All)
      • iPads
      • iOS 7 – 15

What Can You Track On Instagram?

The whole point of using an Instagram spy app is to monitor someone’s account activities. So, what can you track on Instagram?

    • Private messages including their contents like links, photos, and videos.
    • Post likes and comments.
    • Images, videos, and GIFs posted
    • Live and archived Instagram stories.

How To Spy On An Instagram Account

    • Choose The Best Instagram Tracker App For You

First, you need to decide if you want a paid or free Instagram spy app. Typically, you’ll get more bang for your buck for a paid one. However, since you are likely budget conscious, like most customers, you’ll want to look for one that’s affordable. You can check out our list in the below section for the best options like PhoneSpector.

    • Install The Spy App

The installation process differs depending on the product you choose and the type of phone you’re looking to target. The process usually involves logging into your account, entering your product key, and following a few extra steps. From our experience testing out these products, the process for all is very easy and takes no time at all.

    • View Their Instagram Activity

Once the product is installed, all of the Instagram activities will be extracted from the device and uploaded to your product account. These apps are very user-friendly by enabling users to access the information from their own computer, cell phone, and tablet.

The Best Instagram Spy Apps

Now to the best part! Here’s our list of the best Instagram spy software programs we’ve tested and approved!

#1: PhoneSpector (Best For Android and iPhone)

PhoneSpector is one of the newer spy apps on the market. With that being said, it is made with the latest spy and monitoring technology that makes it a head above the rest. It was actually updated recently with features to specifically retrieve much information from Instagram accounts many others don’t. Along with this, it’s compatible with the latest iPhones and Android phones, and is very quick at retrieving data from the target phone.

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#2: Highster Mobile (Best For iPhone)

If you’re looking to spy on an iPhone Instagram account, then Highster Mobile is the best option for you. With their No-Jailbreak technology, you don’t need physical access to the device. All you need is the Apple ID and password associated with the target iPhone. It’s also compatible with the latest iPhone 11 series.

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#3: Auto Forward (Best For Android Smartphones)

Is the target phone Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, Google Pixel, or Motorola? Then, you’ll need the very best Android Instagram spy application like Auto Forward. It’s compatible with these phone brands that run on Android 3 – 9. One of the great things about Auto Forward is that you get free lifetime upgrades, in the event the target phone’s operating system changes or there’s a program update. Also, just like the two apps above, the installation process is really simple and doesn’t require specific technical knowledge.

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Well, that’s our list of the best Instagram spy apps and everything you need to know about them. You can now make sure your loved one is safe and acting appropriately while using Instagram. With many online dangers out there, using a spy app is essential to have as an extra safety net.

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