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The Best Browser Spy Apps On iPhone In 2022

Are you a parent worried your kids’ browser history might show inappropriate sites? Are you an employer concerned that your employees’ browser history might show non-work-related activities?Internet browsers serve as gateways to several sites and pages available in the virtual world. Aside from social networking apps, browsers encounter the heaviest digital foot traffic, making them vulnerable to cyber threats. Most cybercriminals target iPhone browsers for their malicious intentions like hacking. Protect yourself and loved ones through the help of a trusted software that can spy on private iPhone browsing. We’ll be sharing the 5 best spy apps that provide real-time and remote access to any browser history. 

When Do You Need Spy Apps To Monitor An iPhone Browser?

Looking for the best Spy apps for browsers on iPhone in 2022? Do you want one that does not require jailbreaking? Or do you still need convincing about the relevance of such apps? Well, here are great uses for browser spy apps.

    1. Monitor Family Members – Adults and kids alike may access questionable sites and be exposed to inappropriate content. They may also come across cyberbullies or dangerous cybercriminals. Checking browser history on iOS devices will help divert possible threats targeting your loved ones.
    2. Monitor Employees – Employees sometimes utilized company-issued iPhones for personal internet browsing or visit sites that could compromise data and security. Monitor employee devices with the help of spy apps to oversee their web browser activities.


How To Install Spy Apps On iPhone Without Jailbreak

Can you utilize an installed spy app for iPhone while browsing in private mode? Is it possible to install a browser history spy iPhone tool without jailbreaking?

Depending on the app, it could be free or paid, and may require jailbreaking the target iPhone. Whichever you choose, the installation process is fairly easy and could be accomplished in three simple steps.

    1. Download It – Download the app from the vendor. Settle payment, if any, in this step.
    2. Set It Up – Install and set up the application by following the instructions provided by the product company via email. Utilize the license key to activate the software.
    3. Use It – Start getting reports about web browsing history and other supported features through the control panel.

iPhone Models That Support Browser Spy Apps

Are you finally getting a spy browser iPhone application? Before moving forward, does it ask for jailbreaking? Also, have you checked if it provides access to the data you require?

It is crucial to check all factors before purchasing Browser History Spy Apps. For one, you wouldn’t want your money to just go to waste. Also, it’s no use getting an app that won’t provide the necessary features.

Another important consideration is device compatibility- will the monitoring software or app work on the target device? Here’s a list of supported iPhone models:

    • iPhone 13 and above
    • iPhone 12
    • iPhone 11
    • iPhone X
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone 7
    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 5
    • All iOS versions


5 Best Spy Apps for Monitoring Browsers on iPhone In 2022

Are you searching for spy apps to monitor browser history without the need to jailbreak the target device? Searching for monitoring apps that work with any iPhone model or iOS version?

Safeguarde.com recently initiated a hunt for the most promising browser history spy iPhone tools. Taking into consideration various factors like the inclusive features, compatibility, and ease of access, we’ve thoroughly inspected each app. All these tools remotely access details, deleted or current, from the target device’s browser history.

Auto Forward

Like most iPhone spy apps, Auto Forward grants instant access to the target device’s browser without the need for physical access to the target device. It records and captures all activity logs, even those that have been deleted. Other accessible iPhone information includes phone call logs, text messages, phone GPS location, and more.

Highster Mobile

This spy software remotely monitors the browser history without the need to jailbreak the target phone. Highster Mobile shows accessed sites, URLs and addresses, timestamps and frequency of visits, and more.

DDI Utilities

This app is designed to dig deep into the target device to spy and capture engagements and activities. DDI Utilities silently accesses the target iPhone and uploads the extracted data to your cloud-based control panel.


Through this software, view the browser history of the device you’re monitoring without having it in your possession and without jailbreaking it. For a one-time payment only, you’ll obtain access to its features plus free lifetime upgrades.

Easy Spy

This monitoring tool can even spy on third-party apps and browsers. Though it utilizes multi-layered algorithms to extract and retrieve data, Easy Spy is designed so less tech-savvy users can navigate it.

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