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Auto Forward Review – Text Message Spy and More!

Why Auto Forward?

Auto Forward is a sophisticated and powerful cell phone monitoring software that is inexpensive, simple to install, easy to use and is supported by both Android and Apple. It has many outstanding features, like the ability to text message spy and view all call logs, photos, and videos. It also allows you to monitor across different devices. It’s perfect for parents who want to monitor their children in a dangerous digital world. And it’s an ideal tool for any boss wanting to keep track of employees who use company devices. Auto Forward is the best cell phone spy on the market today – for anyone needing to monitor someone else’s mobile phone.

How Does Auto Forward Work?

Cell phone monitoring may seem complicated, but it’s not. In fact, Auto Forward is so user-friendly that even those who are not tech-savvy can handle the simple three-part process of download, install and monitor. That’s it. Text messages (old, new and deleted), calls, GPS tracking and more are remotely accessed by Auto Forward and displayed on your cell phone, tablet or computer. All you need is an internet connection (of course WiFi works fine) or cellular service and you can view information from the target phone from anywhere, anytime.

What Is Auto Forward Compatible With?

Auto Forward will work on all Android and Apple mobile devices. And within these two platforms, you can view a target phone on a variety of devices: an iPhone, an iPad, or an Android mobile phone. Auto Forward has you covered.

Android Compatibility: Auto Forward is compatible with all Android devices and will work with all cell providers in all countries.

Supported Android Devices: All Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Huawei, Tracfones, StraightTalk, Sanyo, Sony and more!

Apple Compatibility: Auto Forward is compatible with all supported Apple mobile devices and will work with all cell providers in all countries.

Supported Apple devices: iPhone 11, X (all), 8, 7, 6, and 5 iPad (all versions). All devices are supported in ALL countries.

What Are Some of the Features?

Take a look at some of Auto Forward’s amazing features below. You’ll never find a better software application to serve your needs.

  • Spy on text messages. Retrieves an exact copy of every text sent or received (Deleted texts can also be recovered).
  • iMessages. Reports all iMessages sent and received.
  • Call logs. See the number called or received plus call time and length.
  • Emails: Saves the content of email messages along with sender and receiver email addresses.
  • GPS tracking. Locates the phone within 50ft of the actual location and displays on Google Map.
  • Microphone activation. Secretly activate the targets microphone and listen to its surroundings.
  • Pictures & videos. See all pictures and videos on the target phone.
  • Social media. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, and others.
  • Browser history. See every webpage viewed on the target phone.
  • Remote locking. Send an SMS command and lock the phone rendering it useless in case of theft.
  • Remote uninstall. Uninstall app without touching the phone.
  • Stealth camera. Secretly take a picture using the target phone camera and have it uploaded to your Dashboard for viewing.

Visit Auto Forward Spy and see how easy it is to spy on text messages.