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5 Best LINE Spy Apps In 2022 To Track Messages On iPhone

Are you a parent worrying about your kids’ iPhone use and messenger app interactions? Are you an employer concerned about how your employees handle the business LINE messenger account?

LINE is one of the fastest-growing freeware messenger apps. It’s a mobile platform that provides instant communications through any internet-enabled device. Through the LINE messenger app, users can send/receive texts and multimedia files, and dial/answer audio and video calls. 

Unfortunately, LINE’s popularity is the same reason why several cybercriminals utilize this app for their malicious intentions. This is one of the reasons why we’ve hunted for the most reliable LINE spy apps. Such tools provide real-time and remote tracking, making it easier to identify and address cyber threats.


Why Should I Track LINE Data With iPhone Spy Apps?

Do you need spy apps to monitor a target device? If you’re in the following situations, then you need one of the best LINE spy apps of 2022.

Are your kids always on messenger apps?

Messenger applications are convenient for simultaneously keeping in touch with anyone from anywhere. It could also be a way for online predators disguised as “friends’ to lure kids into reckless complacency. Do digital parenting right with the help of spy apps for the iPhone to track LINE activities.

Are your employees’ issued company gadgets?

While using a company device for personal reasons may be tolerable to some extent, unmonitored use may inadvertently lead to data or security compromise.  Spy tools to track messages on iPhone will certainly come in handy when overseeing business LINE messages.


What Are The Requirements For Using Spy Apps On iPhone For LINE Messenger Tracking?

Is it really to purchase, install, and start tracking the target device with a LINE App Spy Software? In essence, yes, spy apps can be utilized in just three easy steps.

It is however important to note there are considerations to make before purchasing monitoring apps. It would be best to make a list of the data you want to access or monitor. Check your list against the supported features of the spy apps before buying.

Another crucial, yet often disregarded, consideration is device compatibility. Make sure the software will work on the target device. Here’s a list of iPhone models that support monitoring apps:

    • iPhone 13 and above
    • iPhone 12 
    • iPhone 11
    • iPhone X
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone 7
    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 5
    • All iOS versions


What Information From LINE Can Spy Apps For iPhone Retrieve?

Monitoring applications are the perfect tool for stealthily acquiring data from the target iPhone. This is especially true if you can select the right software for your needs.

As long as the spy software supports the features that you wish to monitor then you will surely get such data. As for data accuracy, this will depend on the reliability of your chosen spy app. Specifically for LINE, you will want to monitor LINE chats, files sent, and contacts. 

The best spy apps will give users access to so much more information on top of the LINE data from the target phone.

    • Messages On Social Media and Private Messaging Apps
    • Chat Groups
    • Contacts
    • Account Details
    • Photos and Other Multimedia Files
    • Phone contacts
    • Text Messages
    • Photos and Videos
    • GPS Location
    • Installed Apps
    • Email
    • Web Browser History


5 Best Spy Apps In 2022 For Tracking LINE Messenger On iPhone

Do you need a tracking tool that can also monitor messaging apps like LINE? Do you need spy apps that work well with any iPhone device without access to the target phone?

We, at safeguarde.com, are on a constant hunt for the most promising technological innovations. We’ve recently scoured the market for the leading LINE Messenger spy tools free/paid. Taking into consideration various factors like features, compatibility, access, and price, we’ve narrowed down hundreds of applications into the 5 most reliable ones.

Auto Forward

This mobile application lets users spy on a LINE account without having the target device in their possession. Auto Forward allows you to remotely view messages, call logs, and multimedia files.

Highster Mobile

This tracking tool is compatible with any iPhone model or iOS version. Highster Mobile displays all sent/received messages, incoming/outgoing calls, and exchanged/stored files within LINE Messenger.

DDI Utilities

This spy tool silently extracts information from the target device and transfers data to a web-based control panel. DDI Utilities can also retrieve LINE files and information that could have been otherwise lost or inaccessible.


This iPhone tracking tool can monitor any third-party messenger app activities. PhoneSpector provides copies of all engagements and interactions exactly how they appear on the LINE account you’re monitoring.

Easy Spy

This device spy application is easy to install and easy to navigate. From its straightforward dashboard, you can see activities on the target LINE account, including contacts, call logs, chat conversations, video conferences, photos, videos, and more.

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