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The Turbo Spy & Monitoring App: A Parent’s Tool For Phone Safety


Most kids nowadays spend more time at home than outdoors. It doesn’t mean, however, that they’re safer. This is because predators and malicious actors are now also lurking in the virtual world. While there’s no denying that technology has been significantly making our lives easier, it has its fair share of threats and disadvantages. 

For instance, children can now be bullied and harassed over the phone. If they aren’t careful or protected enough, they could easily fall victims to cyberbullies and child groomers. This is one of the many reasons why Turbo for parents has been created. This cell phone tracker and monitoring tool is specifically designed for safety and protection.


What Is The Turbo Spy & Monitoring App? 

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Though new to the industry, the Turbo spy & monitoring app is one of the most advanced cell phone spy apps available in the market today. It’s loaded with elite features that aim to provide cell phone safety and data privacy. 

Turbo is designed to work on stealth mode, extracting information without interrupting other running applications or compromising the target device. As its name implies, this software is programmed with a turbo speed to enable parents and employers to monitor with ease and convenience. 

Like other Turbo Spy Reviews online claim, this monitoring app is packed with efficient and reliable features. It can remotely track locations, text messages, call logs, social media engagements, browser activities, multimedia files, and so much more. Aside from spying, this app could also serve as parental control on iPhone or Android. 

Turbo is designed to work well with all phones and tablets, regardless of the brand, type, and OS version. Plus, you can start using the software in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Open the confirmation email after settling the one-time payment.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions in installing via the provided over-the-air (OTA) link.
  3. Activate the software using the license key and phone number, then start monitoring via your personal dashboard.

To learn about the specifics of Turbo, read our review.


How Can the Turbo Spy & Monitoring App Help Protect Your Child’s Phone Use?

More than a spy tool, the Turbo app is a parental monitoring app designed with various parental controls and security settings. It aims to help as many parents as it can to ensure their kids stay safe online. 

Should you need software for tracking a device, monitoring phone activities, or recording conversations, the Turbo Spy & Monitoring App would, indeed, be a great choice. With its long list of advanced features, this modern monitoring tool can significantly regulate your child’s phone use. Here are some ways how Turbo parental control software can help you protect your kids.

  • GPS Tracker

The location tracking feature gives you peace of mind about where your child actually is. It also offers geofencing where you can receive real-time alerts when they enter/leave certain places you’ve set.

  • Private Messages

By having remote access to their messages, especially private conversations, you can correct or protect them from inappropriate content and malicious approaches.

  • Browser History

The complete and accurate list of all searched and visited sites gives you an idea about your child’s interests and curiosities.

  • Keylogger and Keyword Alert

The software logs all typed characters which enable you to know the words they usually use. You could also set alerts if specific keywords are used by or sent to your kid.

  • Screen Time Limit

This allows you to set when your child can use their device to avoid excessive exposure.

  • App Monitoring

Most kids are fans of third-party apps such as social media and gaming platforms. This enables you to track activities and engagements within such applications.

  • Content Filter

You get to filter sites or applications that you think won’t be healthy for your child.

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5 Cell Phone Dangers To Steer Your Child From 

Cell phone monitoring for parents like Turbo app is specifically designed to ensure mobile safety and mobile security. These kid tracker apps can help you steer your kids away from the phone and online dangers, including:

  • Physical and Mental Adverse Effects

Dry eyes, stiff neck, sore muscles, back pain, and headache – here are some of the common physical effects that manifest due to excessive and unregulated use of cell phones. Also, when exposed to inappropriate or malicious content, they might develop lower self-esteem, negative perceptions about life, and improper thinking habits or illogical reasoning. 

  • Less Active Social Life

Getting more hooked to online and digital platforms could eat up a lot of time they should be spending outdoors. A more active social life in the virtual world than in the real world could lead to false beliefs and misplaced principles.

  • Phishing/Hacking

When they’re not too careful, kids could easily fall victim to phishing and hacking attacks which could exploit sensitive data.

  • Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is more widespread since it’s easier to attack someone you don’t actually see or know personally. Online users often forget the person on the other end is real, and they tend to send harsh, judgmental, and discriminating comments mindlessly.

  • Child Grooming and Other Harassment

Several child groomers and sexual predators are lurking on trending platforms, targeting vulnerable victims like your kids. They usually use fake accounts, friendly approaches, and misleading information.


FAQs Parents Ask About The Turbo Spy & Monitoring App

Does Turbo spying & monitoring really work?

Yes, this cell phone spy app is loaded with efficient and reliable features that enable you to monitor your kid’s device remotely.

What parental controls are offered by the Turbo Spy & Monitoring App?

The Turbo Spy & Monitoring App is built with various security settings and parental control features, including screen time limit, content filter, keyword alert, geofencing, keylogger, and app blocking.

Can I monitor my kid’s Facebook account with the Turbo Spy & Tracking App?

This parental control app allows you to access all activities, including those within third-party apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Do I need to jailbreak the target iPhone before monitoring?

The Turbo Spy & Monitoring App is designed to work well with all Android and iOS devices without the need to root or jailbreak the target phone.

How can I view the extracted details from the target device?

This cell phone monitoring app comes with a cloud-based control panel that you can access anytime, anywhere. This dashboard contains all extracted data and generated reports.

How much is the monthly fee for the Turbo Spy App for Android or iPhone?

How much is the monthly fee? With the Turbo app, you won’t have to worry about monthly fees or extra charges. This is because you can enjoy all its features for a one-time payment of $69.99 only. This package comes with lifetime upgrades and 24/7 access to customer support.

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