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I Lost My Galaxy Phone! Is There A Way To Find My Samsung?


All cell phone owners at some point have dealt with the tragedy of losing their cell phone, including me. I recently lost my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 when I was walking around the town I live in. Being that I use my phone for both personal and business use, I was panicking. All of the worst conclusions popped into my head like someone being able to access my bank accounts.

Eventually, I calmed down and retraced my steps, visiting each place I had gone to that day. Sadly, no luck. Then, I looked up online to find different ways to find my Samsung Galaxy. Thankfully, by trying these methods (listed below), I was able to track down my phone and get some peace of mind.  

The Methods I Used To Find My Samsung Galaxy

Find My Mobile via Samsung

The first logical method I tried to find my Samsung was to visit – https://findmymobile.samsung.com/. Being that it was from the phone’s manufacturer, I figured it was a pretty legit way. However, upon visiting the site, I realized that I needed to have a Samsung online account and certain settings done on my phone (which I didn’t). So, I ended up not being able to go through with using this method.

In general, here are the steps you should take so you don’t end up like I did.

  • Step 1: On Your Samsung, Go To Settings Lock screen and security – Find My Mobile.
  • Step 2: When prompted, sign into or create your Samsung account.

Google Find My App and Site

Similar to the method above, you could link your Samsung phone to your Gmail account before it gets lost. With that, this method must be completed before you lose your phone. This can be done through the Google Find My Device app or by visiting, https://www.google.com/android/find, while signed into your Gmail account.    

Use A GPS Tracking App

I almost thought I was out of luck when the two methods above didn’t work. Thankfully, I remembered I had installed the GPS tracking app, PhoneSpector, a while ago for work purposes. With this app, I am able to access it on my computer and request my phone’s GPS location. Within a minute, I was able to see my phone’s real-time location!


So, in the end, I found my Samsung Galaxy. No damages and nothing stolen. A good Samaritan had found my phone on the street and was planning on returning it to the local police station. If it weren’t for PhoneSpector, my precious phone would’ve been lost forever.

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