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The Best Spy Apps For Hangouts On iPhone In 2021

Are you a parent worried your kids are being targeted by cybercriminals in Google Hangouts? Are you an employer concerned about how your employees handle client calls and messages on company-issued iPhones?Google Hangouts is one of the pioneering and leading cross-platform multimedia chat messaging applications. It enables users to freely and instantly send/receive messages and files, and initiate conference audio/video calls. There’s no denying Google Hangouts is an established brand in the telecommunications niche.Its popularity, however, is the same reason why it’s targeted by most hackers and online predators. Continue enjoying Hangouts’ innovative features without compromising your safety and security by utilizing iPhone Google Hangouts spy tools. Choose the Hangouts spy app from the list below that best suits your needs.


What Can You Learn By Tracking Hangouts With iPhone Spy Apps?

Is it possible to acquire more than just Google Hangouts calls, text messages, and chat history utilizing a Google Hangouts Phone Recording Spy Software? Will a free Hangouts Spy App let me view chats, messages, social media apps, and browser history on another iPhone?

Some applications are limited to tracking messages, call logs, and other data. However, some will enable you to acquire more than Google Hangouts calls, messages, chats, and chat history. In short, it will depend on the spy app chosen.

Free spy apps for iPhone are helpful but acquired data may be limited though. For instance, you may be unable to see messages or chat history on other messaging apps or the target iPhone’s browser history. Still, if it is able to obtain the data you want, stick with the product. For more in-depth tracking, get a spy software subscription.

In most cases, monitoring applications provide access to the following Hangouts features:

    • Messages
    • Chats
    • Chat Groups
    • Voice Calls
    • Video Chats
    • Contacts List
    • Multimedia Files

The most efficient Spy Apps for Hangouts on iPhone 2021 provide access to the following:

    • Phone Contacts
    • Phone Messages
    • Call Logs
    • GPS Location
    • Photos and Videos
    • Browser History
    • Email Messages


iPhone Models That Support The Installation of Spy Apps for Hangouts

Is it possible to spy on someone via Hangout free of charge and any device model? Is it possible to immediately monitor Hangouts chats and messages after purchasing a monitoring software?

As previously mentioned, you can monitor without getting a subscription. After completing the installation process, begin monitoring. Before making a purchase, ensure you have selected the right one for you.

Check the application features – does it support Hangouts monitoring? Also, check the price and subscription terms.

Spy Hangouts apps are supported on the following models:

    • iPhone 13 and above
    • iPhone 12
    • iPhone 11
    • iPhone X
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone 7
    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 5
    • All iOS versions


Installation Guide: Spy Apps on iPhone To Track Hangouts

Is technical expertise required to install a Record Hangouts Call Spy Software? Are there applications offering hassle-free installation?

If you are not tech-savvy, there’s no need to worry. Monitoring apps for iPhone may be installed and utilized by following three simple steps.

    1. Download Google Hangouts Spy App – Download the app from the official website. This is typically done via OTA link; payment, if any, must be settled first.
    2. Set-Up Hangouts App – Follow the instructions provided by the vendor. Activate the software with the license key and other specified data
    3. Monitor Hangouts and More! – Start tracking Hangouts messages, chat history, video call and voice call history, and more. Reports are available on the account dashboard.


5 Best iPhone Spy Apps To Track Messages and Calls on Hangouts

Do you plan on installing iPhone spy software that can freely/remotely access Hangouts chat messages, call logs, and activity history? Need a chat conversation logger that will work on any iPhone version?

At safeguarde.com, our experts are on a constant hunt for the latest technological innovation, free or paid. We recently took the initiative to determine the leading Google Hangouts chat message and activity history tracker for iPhone. Taking into consideration various factors like features, compatibility, and price, we’ve thoroughly inspected each app we’ve encountered. Spy on Hangouts messages online now with any of these most trusted apps.

Auto Forward

Auto Forward’s Google Hangouts monitoring feature can be utilized without having physical access to the target iPhone device. Their cell phone spy software offers remote and real-time access to chat messages and call history.

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile provides a hassle-free monitoring experience and is compatible with all iPhones. It enables you to spy on social media networks and third-party messaging apps like Hangouts. Highster Mobile captures sent/received chat messages and incoming/outgoing video calls.

DDI Utilities

The DDI Utilities app is designed to dig deep into the target phone and its apps, including Google Hangouts. It silently extracts all chat messages and call history, and retrieves inaccessible files.


For a one-time payment only, enjoy PhoneSpector’s features with free lifetime upgrades. Without having the target device in your possession, it allows access to chat conversations, call logs, and even deleted messages. PhoneSpector is especially useful for parents as a parental control tool.

Easy Spy

As its name implies, Easy Spy is an iPhone monitoring app that’s easy to install, use, and navigate. From the control panel, easily view all Google Hangouts interactions like call history, chat messages, multimedia files, and more.

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