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How to Track Someone’s Cell Phone with the Use of a Spy App

How to track someone’s cell phone becomes a major possibility with the advent of mobile monitoring apps. These apps are built with a powerful tracking interface that gathers information on the mobile activities of a target phone around the clock, 24/7.

The Installation Phase

There is a need to install the app on the target phone in order for the app to work. This is usually done by accessing the target phone during this initial phase and unlocking the phone’s security. Most brands also require the target phone to be jailbroken especially if it contains a higher version of operating system.

If this isn’t possible, other forms of installation include Cloud Access. In most cases, how to track someone’s  iPhone demands knowledge of the target phone owner’s iCloud username and password details. As for Android phones, there weren’t no major problems reported when it comes to bypassing the security system on these types of OS.

The Portal

After the installation has been successfully done, there is a need to access the secure portal in order to view all information concerning the target device. A log-in access is normally offered during the registration and installation phase.

The portal can be opened on any device provided you have the login details as well as a secure and stable internet connection.

What Information Can be Viewed on This Portal?

Depending on the premium access package you have purchased from a specific brand, you can view the following information on the portal:

  • Text messages
  • Call logs
  • Emails
  • Messages on platforms such as Whatsapp, Viber, Google Hangouts, Skype, Line, WeChat and a whole lot more
  • Social media updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Website browsing details
  • Phone media gallery files
  • Phone location

Some cell phone tracking software brands even have the following functions:

  • Call recording
  • Live call access
  • Remote access to target phone Camera and ON/OFF button

Some Tips

To make sure you get the most out of a spy app brand of your choice, you need to take note of the following details:

  • Figure out if you can manage to have the target device jailbroken or not
  • Find out the different installation options offered by a certain brand
  • Determine the flexibility of a brand’s payment options
  • Actual user reviews and customer feed backs
  • Legalities observed in your place when it comes to using a spy app software

Making a careful choice before coming to a purchasing conclusion can give you numerous benefits in the long run. Make sure it is worth every penny you are willing to pay for.

Safeguarde is a mobile monitoring app that works for both Apple and Android devices. It can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

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