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Best Spy Apps For Tracking iPhone GPS In 2022

Are you a parent and you’re often worried about where or how to locate your child? Are you an employer and you wish to monitor your employees’ GPS locations while on shift? Are you a spouse and you’re often bothered when you can’t contact or locate your partner?

Because of the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite-based navigation system, various trackers and tools have been manufactured and have become easily accessible. These GPS apps or systems can accurately locate devices or people. Spy apps with GPS tracking and/or geofencing features could be beneficial for parents and employers alike. By knowing where exactly your kids or employees are, the more likely you can protect them from any possible harm.

This is why Safeguarde digital experts began searching to identify the best iPhone GPS tracker spy apps. All spy GPS tracker iPhone tools we’ll be sharing with you today offer a hassle-free recording and monitoring experience.


Situations In Which You May Need To Install Spy Apps On iPhone

Is the thought of GPS tracker installation being complex hindering you from getting spy GPS tracker iPhone software? Do you need to locate or monitor a device but don’t know how to install iPhone GPS spy and tracker software?

iPhone spy software unveils stealth GPS tracking which makes such spy apps greatly appealing. Contrary to popular belief, most iPhone GPS tracker spy apps can be used in three easy steps.

Step 1: Download

Go to the vendor’s website and download the tracker app via the OTA link. You will need to settle the payment at this stage.

Step 2: Install

Follow the given instructions to install and set up the iPhone tracker GPS spy app. Locate the activation key on the email sent by the vendor.

Step 3: Locate

You can now start to locate a target device. You will receive reports on your personal dashboard.


iPhone Models That Support Spy Apps

Have you finally located the spy tracking device iPhone software that you want? Have you considered all factors, located any misfit before going ahead with that iPhone spy tracking app?

Spy GPS tracker for iPhone allows you to locate a device as well as monitor other activities. It’s important to consider the features, price, reliability, and accuracy of the reports. Additionally, customer support and compatibility are important factors when using a GPS tracker app. The compatibility ensures it would work, and you can utilize it to locate the target device.

GPS tracker and monitoring software is supported in the following iPhone devices.

    • iPhone 13 and above
    • iPhone 12
    • iPhone 11
    • iPhone X
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone 7
    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 5
    • All iOS versions


What Information Can Be Tracked Using Spy Apps for iPhone?

Are you still wondering if iPhone GPS spy software is worth it? Are you unconvinced of how handy tracker software can be?

GPS spy software can locate a misplaced phone or locate the whereabouts of a stolen phone. The best ones, however, allow you to do more than just locate a phone. They enable you to monitor other phones and online activities to help you connect with your loved ones.

Here’s some of the data you can monitor through the app control panel. All with the help of the best phone and location tracking software available.

    • GPS Location
    • Geofencing
    • Phone Contacts
    • Phone Call Logs
    • iMessages and Text Messages
    • Photos and Videos
    • Other Multimedia Files
    • Installed Apps
    • Browser History
    • Social Media Engagements
    • Emails
    • Chats and Online Messages


5 Best iPhone Tracking Spy Apps in 2022

Are you looking for a spy app compatible with all iPhones? Are you planning to download a monitoring app that can also locate GPS?

Safeguarde.com is on a constant hunt for the most promising and leading technological innovation. In our recent review, we focused on identifying the best spy GPS tracker for iPhone. Taking into consideration various factors, we’ve thoroughly inspected each iPhone tracker GPS spy we’ve encountered. In addition to these tracker apps’ monitoring features, we’ve checked their ability to locate and feed all GPS positions without being detected.

Auto Forward

This monitoring app can be downloaded and utilized on all iPhone devices. It remotely records all locations, even those logs that have been deleted. Auto Forward locates the target device, and periodically shows all visited locations in a Google Map format.

Highster Mobile

This spy app features a GPS tracker that allows you to keep your children safe and/or employees productive. In regular intervals, Highster Mobile uploads the GPS locations on a Google Map accessible from your dashboard.

DDI Utilities

This GPS monitoring app can be downloaded and utilized remotely. Without being detected, DDI Utilities silently logs activities and locates the target phone. Aside from spying, this is a great recovery backup tool as it can retrieve even the lost and damaged data.


This spy app’s GPS tracker feature can be utilized even without having physical access to the target device. Once a secure connection is activated and secured, PhoneSpector simultaneously uploads all acquired locations to your online account.

Easy Spy

This monitoring app is super easy to download and navigate. As soon as activated, Easy Spy regularly locates the target device’s GPS positions. All these data can then be accessed — in a comprehensible report format — from your dashboard.

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