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5 Best iPhone Spy Apps For Call History Recording In 2022

Are you a parent worrying about who your kids are often calling with on their iPhones? Are you an employer concerned with your employees’ use of company-issued iPhones or apps? 

Hacking, cyberbullying, and other cybercrimes don’t only happen on web-based apps or platforms. Some of these threats could also be triggered by a mere phone call. We’ve recently scoured the market in search of an iPhone spy software that records call logs.

To help address call-related issues and dangers, we’ve determined the most reliable iPhone trackers and recorders for consumers. Read on as we’ll be sharing the best-hidden apps that can remotely spy activity and spy calls on iPhone.


When You Might Need Spy Apps To Track iPhone Call History?

iPhone spy apps are designed to capture every activity, engagement, and interaction on the target iPhone device. These apps offer call logs tracker and recorder features which could help in a variety of ways. An iPhone spy app could serve as:

Kids Tracker

Prank calls could be fun for some, but when uncontrolled, they could lead to disaster like cyberbullying. Through phone calls, your kids could also be targeted by child groomers or sexual predators. By installing a recorder or spy app on their iPhones, you could significantly steer them away from such dangers.

Employees Tracker

Technology has become a huge part of any business niche. This is why most entrepreneurs issue iPhones or laptops for hassle-free and real-time transactions. It’s still your job, however, to ensure that all company-issued devices and apps are properly used and handled. Call recorders and trackers can help protect your employees and clients from social engineering, call phishing, or malware hacking.


How To Set Up A Spy App For Call Tracking On An iPhone

iPhone spy software that records call logs uses complicated algorithms to capture each activity efficiently. Nevertheless, these call trackers are designed to be easy to install, easy to use, and easy to navigate.

Step 1: Purchase and Download

To make it easier to decide which spy app to purchase, we’ve narrowed down the list to the top 5. Once you’ve selected the iPhone call tracker/recorder that best suits your needs, simply click on the download or buy now button.

Step 2: Install and Activate

You’ll be sent a license key or code which is needed to fully activate the iPhone spy app. For a hassle-free installation, simply follow the on-screen instructions which are usually sent via email.

Step 3: Spy and Monitor

Once activated (which only takes, a few clicks and a few minutes) the tracker can be used to remotely and freely spy on any activity within the target iPhone device.


Call-Related Data An iPhone Spy App Can Access

The best trackers/recorders and spy apps for iPhone in 2022 offer various monitoring features. Including remote access to every activity and call log. These iPhone spy apps enable you to see data within the target iPhone device without having it in your possession. Such monitoring apps serve as efficient and reliable call logs trackers, providing hassle-free monitoring.

iPhone call logs trackers remotely and freely capture each incoming and outgoing call-related activity. The best iPhone spy apps do not actually record conversations to adhere to state/federal laws and avoid legal ramifications. Nevertheless, such tracker/recorder software extracts and provides substantial information, including:

    • Phone Number
    • Date and Time of Call
    • Call Duration/Call Frequency
    • Owner/Name (as saved in the contacts)


5 Best Spy Apps For Tracking iPhone Call Log In 2022

Do you need an iPhone spy software that records call logs and remotely/freely captures each incoming and outgoing activity? Do you need a spy app compatible with all iPhones and can serve as call trackers or recorders?

We, at safeguarde.com, are always searching for the latest and greatest iPhone mobile apps. For this article, we focused on identifying the best iPhone call log trackers/recorders that offer a hassle-free spying experience. Each Phone spy app and call tracker has been thoroughly inspected to ensure we only recommend the best ones.

Auto Forward

This iPhone spy app can be downloaded without having physical access to the target device. Among its widely used features is its call tracker ability which logs all call-related activity, incoming or outgoing. This spy app tracks all logs, including those that have been long since deleted.

Highster Mobile

For a one-time payment only, this call tracker/recorder comes with free lifetime upgrades. This software works well with any iPhone model or iOS version. Highster Mobile can also log phone calls, including date, time, frequency, and duration.

DDI Utilities

This is one of the most reliable hidden iPhone trackers. It’s designed to dog deep into the target phone without interrupting other installed/running apps. DDI Utilities silently downloads and uploads every single activity, engagement, and interaction. It can spy on call logs and it feeds all extracted call-related information on your dashboard.


Using cutting-edge technology, this iPhone call recorder freely and simultaneously accesses information while well-hidden or working on stealth mode. PhoneSpector provides real-time access to you to the target device without having it in your possession.

Easy Spy

This iPhone spy app is super easy to download, install and navigate. Though programmed with multi-layered algorithms, this call and activity tracker features a simple and straightforward interface. From your web-based personal dashboard, you get to access all call logs that are prepared in a comprehensible reports format.

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